Suitable for use in all types of Diesel Fuel and Biodiesel. For use in automotive, trucks, mining, agriculture, shipping, navy, military, and boating. Ideal for use in fuel Storage Tanks (small or very large).


dieselcure small3BENEFITS:

  • Each can will treat 100 gallons Diesel
  • Makes water content in fuel combustible
  • REGENS (Parked & Running) is reduced by up to 80% (as tested)
  • Reduces Downtime & Filter Replacement
  • Reduces Harmful Carbon Emissions
  • Totally removes “gumming” + “waxing”
  • Dramatically increases the freezing point of diesel fuel
  • Improves Engine Combustion
  • Improves Cold Starts and Idling
  • Cleans and protects the engine
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Prolongs engine life


  • Dieselcure is a corrosion inhibitor.
  • It binds and neutralizes acidic condensation, preventing acid formation which causes “gumming” and resin deposits.
  • Improves atomization and lubrication properties in diesel fuels.
  • Dieselcure conforms to all known fuel specifications and does not use Cetane boosters to enhance performance.
  • Manufactured from Non-Petroleum Chemicals.
Approved by MTU Friedrichshafen (Owned by Rolls Royce Power Systems).
Approved by GMBH – Detroit Diesel Corporation.
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered.