The only effective Additive that removes water in diesel. For use in cruise lines, large Ships, commercial fishing, Navy, personal boats, Military, plus all other Marine craft & vessels. Ideal for use in fuel Storage Tanks (small or very large).



  • Ideal in large tanks (Onshore + Ship tanks)
  • Makes water content in fuel combustible
  • Reduces NOx and SOx emissions
  • Reduces other Harmful Emissions
  • Reduces Downtime & Filter Replacement
  • Totally removes “gumming” + “waxing”
  • Improves Engine Combustion
  • Reduces freezing of fuel
  • Cleans and protects the engine
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Available in 11.16 FL OZ – 264 gallon size


  • Dieselcure Marine is a corrosion inhibitor. It binds and neutralizes acidic condensation, preventing acid formation which causes “gumming” and resin deposits.
  • Dieselcure Marine improves atomization and lubrication properties in diesel fuels.
  • Dieselcure Marine conforms to all fuel specifications and does not use Cetane boosters to enhance performance. Manufactured from Non-Petroleum Chemicals.
Dieselcure Marine is approved by MTU Friedrichshafen (Owned by Rolls Royce Power Systems).
Dieselcure Marine is approved by GMBH – Detroit Diesel Corporation.
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered.