Suitable for use in all types of Petrol, Racing Fuels, and diesel. For use in all makes of cars, trucks, inboard & outboard boats, watercraft, and snowmobiles.



  • Each can treats 40 gallons (150 litres) Diesel
  • Makes water content in fuel combustible
  • Reduces Downtime & Filter Replacement
  • Reduces Harmful Carbon Emissions
  • Totally removes “gumming” + “waxing”
  • Improves Combustion & Performance
  • Improves Cold Starts and Idling
  • Cleans and protects the engine
  • Reduces Fuel Consumption
  • Ideal for use in extreme cold temperature
  • Prolongs engine life

Treatment with Petrexx Fuelcure will:

  • Remove ALL water contamination in fuel
  • Neutralize all acid build up
  • Dissolve all resin and waxing
  • Restore your fuel system to original state
  • Improve performance and save fuel


Fuelcure conforms to all known fuel specifications.

Fuelcure is manufactured from non-petroleum chemicals, and does not use Cetane or Octane boosters to enhance performance. Fuelcure eliminates water contamination in the fuel, which ultimately leads to better performance and decreased emissions.

Approved by MTU Friedrichshafen (Owned by Rolls Royce Power Systems).
Approved by GMBH – Detroit Diesel Corporation.
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered.